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What is a message without some multimedia? Multimedia represents the consolidation of all elements of technology as they combine other technological multimedia tools like sound, image, video, graph or drawing with text to create a high quality in addition to interactive environment. Sure, a message is never complete without the use of these multimedia tools.

Enhancing Message with Multimedia
Multimedia makes a message more appealing to the audience. Blog with a comment space and date and time makes it possible for the audience to participate in the communication. They give their feedback which helps the writer to know that the audience wants and how they want it. A message without a comment box is like a one-way communication where the audience is not given the opportunity to participate. Smith (2013) stated “People love images; after all, “a picture speaks a thousand words” which means that a message without a picture is missing another level of meeting with the audience. Any images that are added to articles that help describe what one is talking about are always worth adding. Some people learn more by seeing. In this case, a video adds more information to the text. Graphics also add to explain the information as people have different learning styles. Enhancing a message with multimedia helps to appeal to diverse audience. Choosing whether to read, watch a video or slide show, or listen to a podcast of the provided information is often the first step for some users of any well-designed site. This ability to choose a preferred medium also encourages a higher degree of focus from the audience and even provides opportunity for re-engagement.

More Effectiveness Multimedia Techniques
All multimedia tools are effective, but care is needed to use these different tools at different times. Different audiences need different multimedia tools. For example, materials for children need to have more pictures as children are attracted to images. Images catch and maintain their attention and therefore lead to their understanding of the material than mere texts. Videos also capture the attention of children. Pictures are a great way to tell a story in another way as some people learn more by seeing. Multimedia engages an audience for a long time through several senses and creates a more engaging user experience. Multimedia can also provide clarity less easily conveyed via text alone. It also has the potential to hold an audience’s attention longer than text may on its own. Multimedia engages the senses, and provides a variety of ways to enhance the delivery of a message to an audience. An audience with the advantage of a multimedia presentation is more likely to remain engaged with the content for a longer period of time. Interactive multimedia through thoughtful response via the physical actions of clicking and typing may prompt further engagement.

In this technological age, the message is never complete without the use of multimedia tools like image, video, graph and some links to other sites. Multimedia tools enhance the meaning of the message and attracts traffic to the message. The audience is a primary factor to consider when writing an article and assembling a multimedia presentation is important to pull and maintain the attention of the audience.

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